London Borough of Ealing

London Borough of Ealing commissioned a two-stage report. The first focused on Ealing Metropolitan Town Centre, and an analysis of current performance and positioning within the sub-regional and London-wide network of town and Metropolitan Centres. The study explored change in composition and operator strength, identified the roles of primary and secondary frontages, and provided an update in respect of development site opportunities – both identified and emerging.

Stage 2 brought the focus to the wider borough including the town centres of Southall, Greenford, Acton and Hanwell. Underpinned by a new Household Telephone Shopper Survey – and in addition to qualitative and quantitative considerations and in-depth recommendations – the study was tailored to incorporate the role of ethnic retailing and specialist markets across the borough, and drew comparisons with previous studies in respect of trade retention and leakage in order to gauge trend-line performance.